We are open to receive all types of samples like meteorites, Martian, Lunar, impactites, fulgurites, ore, etc. (other than obsidian for obvious reasons). The demo samples come from the Murray Brook VMS deposit (Canda) and were provided by Prof. Sean Mc. (TCD, Ireland) together with a large database that has been used for constructing a 3D LeapFrog model and developing new image analysis scripts.

Sample List

The samples listed were made public in the donors' profiles. The only prerequisite is that they are photomicrographs are whole-slide and were taken and composed in high-resolution, ideally 10 GB composed images should be fine. In future developments, the platform will be able to compose (stitch) uploaded tiles downloadable from the user dashboard and analyzable in the virtual microscope after login in.

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Below the sample locations around the world.



If you chose your profile to go public, then your basic contact information will be listed here for start creating the community around this kind of remote virtual microscopes. More people, more brain power.


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